Electric Gates in Berkshire

December 14th, 2012, Posted in Blog | No Comments

Gates in Berkshire can offer you many advantages to having one of their stylish gates at the front of your property.

Not only will Gates in Berkshire add style and glamour to your premises it will also add comfort and ease of access and safety and security from the outside world.

There are many styles and shapes of entrances that Electric Gates in Berkshire can offer you, from our standard single gates to automatic double gates – and the benefits of any of these are endless.

The standard options that Gates in Berkshire have are by far the most popular choice that customers go for. Each one is made from high quality wood and there are a number of stylish designs to choose from that will instantly transform the front of your house and driveway.

Further to the standard choices, Electric Gates in Berkshire then offer you a premium variety of which will again transform your home but to the next level of quality, class and style. Most of these are automated along with being made to measure to the size of your drive or entrance way.

There are of course great advantages to having one of Electric Gates in Berkshire products in place other than it just looking nice.

Take doing the shopping for instance – it can be tiring when you have been on your feet all day and the last thing you want to do when you get home is fuss about with a key and lock trying to open the gate to your property.

With the electric or automated gates in particular this can be eliminated which is a total godsend – especially when it is raining. With Gates in Berkshire you can drive up to your gate and remain in the car and by a simple touch of a button your gates will open and then close behind you. Gates in Berkshire can also make your garage doors automated too so there really is no excuse for getting wet when arriving home!

Electric Gates in Berkshire can cover all your gate and entrance needs –whether you are looking for a small gate at the end of your path, one between your garden and vegetable patch or a more heavy duty type such as an electronic one for the drive to your business property there is sure to be a gate to suit you.

There are even options for traditional looking five bar gates which are ideal for keeping people off your land or from turning around in your drive – after all we know how annoying that can be, whilst the iron gate versions can offer a great alternative to park entrances to councils or larger establishments.

The smaller options from Electric Gates in Berkshire can come with full instructions for stress free and easily assembly yourself at home whilst the heavy duty ones are installed by our trusted and efficient professionals – however if you wanted to install this yourself we are only a phone call away to lend a hand should you get any difficulties.

Electric Gates in Berkshire can easily be contacted on 0845 644 6729 where our friendly staff will be happy to talk through the types of gates in more depth with you, alternatively you can click here to fill out your details and request a quote from us.