Electric Gates in Reading

November 19th, 2012, Posted in Blog | No Comments

With us being watched in a big brother style left right and centre all the time it is nice to add some privacy to our own home and one way of doing that is with a stylish entrance. Electric Gates in Reading have plenty on offer for you to select from no matter how big or little the gate you are looking for is.

Gates in Reading can cover your needs from a single gate at the end of your garden path to a double one at the bottom of your drive and can either be installed by our team of experts or supplied with a full instruction manual for self assembly.

The most popular type of Gates in Reading to choose is the standard wooden variety. These are sleek and stylish and add a boundary to your property. They are also available in two main types of opening styles – manual operation or a heavy duty variety which can be automated if you wish.

Next you come onto Electric Gates in Reading Premium range which will add that extra bit of class to the style. All of these are made to measure and are automated so you can be sure that you are getting great value at excellent quality.

The 5 bar design from Gates in Reading offer that more traditional country look as you can see from the images within our gallery. The five bar style gates can come with a single gate attached for your home so you can access the premises through the smaller one if on foot or the larger one in your car or as two double ones together if you entrance is on a larger scale.

Gates in Reading can add an instant makeover to your home as well as adding privacy from the general public walking by or other road users wishing to use your drive access as a turning point. Roads are also getting busier and busier by the day and they can also offer safety and protection to you and your family.

Imagine your home is on a busy road and it is a warm summer day – your young children will no doubt want to play outside and who could blame them. However it is very easy to leave them unattended for a few moments – you run in to get the washing, check the dinner or answer the phone. Children are of a curious nature and it will only take an unusual car or a bus to drive by and they will be eager to take a look – not really ideal on a busy main road. With Gates in Reading you can safely run back in the house knowing that your home is shut and locked out from the big wide world to your children, so if you did get held up for a few minutes longer than you planned then you know your little ones will still be where you left them.

Of course Gates in Reading won’t just transform your home, it can also offer security to you place of work or for park entrances for council parks for example. Maybe you own horses and have moves fields – Electric Gates in Reading can again offer a secure method of protection to both your land and your pet.

Whatever reason you need a new gate for, Gates in Reading offer a friendly and profession service with quality and well made gates. Please supply your details by our contact us page here if you would like more information on Gates in Reading.