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Please narrow your search by selecting the following…

  • Standard Wooden Gates
    These come in various styles and materials of wood. Choose before you buy and have a look at our already installed solutions from within our gallery.
  • Premium Gates
    With our premium range we go that extra mile in providing well-known branded/ designed styles that feel and look quality throughout.
  • Five Bar Gates
    Our five bar options come in various heights and widths and not to mention the different opening methods. More traditionally used for live stock and farms. But if your based in a rural location it’s ideal for you. Or even if you want to bring the countryside feel to your urban area this is the solution for your property.
  • Iron Bar Gates
    The are fantastic gates that still leave your property spacious, but providing the security as needed. If you like your space and like to see our from your driveway we recommend going for our Iron bar solutions.
  • Sliding and Cantilever Gates
    Not everybody has the room to allow the opening of doors swing round. This means you need to keep an area of your property free from clutter. These can be used as great space savers so they can slide rather than fold in.

Why choose Gemini Gates?

Gemini Gates have years of experience with supplying electric gates in Hampshire. We provide a bespoke service on all homes and properties as we know that not every home or land are the same.  We make sure the electric gates we install meet your satisfaction and requirements to ensuring you have full protection and privacy.

As above we provide a wide range of quality electric gates built to your style. Offering Standard or Premium gates to meet any budget required.

Call us today to enquire about prices for your home and how we can help you decide on what you require.