Sliding and Cantilever Gates

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When your driveway is not very long or on a bit of a slope but you still want privacy and security,  sliding and cantilever gates may be the answer. They are ideal where space is of a premium. The cantilever gate will still work even if your drive slopes from one side to the other, as it runs on a monorail, and doesn’t touch the ground!

Our sliding and cantilever gates provides the perfect solution for when a driveway or property doesn’t have much space for a normal conventional opening gate. With these sliding gates they can roll to one side allowing more manoeuvrability for vehicles to get in and out of the premisses.

We supply and fit different styles of sliding and cantilever gates. These gates can be fitted for a manual push and pull. Or built onto an electric roller that can even be controlled by a remote key.

If you have any special requirements or you are not sure if these are the right type of gates to use please contact us.  We can suggest other solutions or even build a bespoke gate system. Let us do all the hard work for you, we can even come out and asses the situation beforehand and guide you all the way through the process.

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Sliding Gates - Space Savers and supported off the ground

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